Written in his personal local tongue in addition to in English, this is often the autobiography of Monty Hale, a senior Ngulipartu guy from the Pilbara quarter of Western Australia. A outstanding account of an indigenous lifestyles, this narrative chronicles Hale’s migration from the desolate tract to the station state of the jap Pilbara, his formative years turning out to be up on Mt. Edgar Station, Australia’s engagement in global struggle II, and the well-known Pilbara station-worker’s strike of 1946. Deeply own and funny, Hale additionally describes his courting with a lady named Nalma; a union that was once no longer approved through their community.

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Kanyanganinyi palakartijakun mine-karti Karruwarlkankarti, 1962-ngu. Kulpanyarna Yirramakartunyakarti mangarrjarranga. Nyarra pijungupa wanikinyiyi marrngukarra, yanayi 5 Mile-karti ngurrajirniyi palanga windmillja. Ngaju milpanyarnajanaku palanga. Palangulungarra yanikinyiyirni warrkam, jintalu ngarnipinikinyili wolfram; nganarnalu karlikinyiyirni parrarlku. Karakurti kanyjin-kanyjina mineral-ku Laka’s spouse, Mary Henry, picture courtesy Tindale assortment R667, South Australian Museum. 1962-ngu kanyanganinyi Mirtalu karakurti kanyjin-kanyjina mineral-ku punja. Manikinyiyirningarra mineral waraja-waraja, warinykarti yanikinyiyirni, palangulu kulpanyiyirni 1964. Ngalypakata pala Mirta Ngarnka kulikatawayi, pikalykata. Munu kulijarrimanganaku. Ngalypalu tukujinikinyinganinyi warntamajirralu. Palaja Mirtalu wurrarnanganaku, ‘yankuluminyi kara,’ nganarna twelve altogether kanyanganinyi Minderoo Bridge. Kakarra yanayirni Minderoo Station, palangarra yajana kawanikinyiyirni kakarrakurnu piju. Mirta yanikinyi purlpi palanga ruutungu, yanayirni katukarnayirni pijukarti. Jampa yanamiyirni, murtuka wurnmanya pijungu partijirri kaniny. Palangulu kakarra yanayirni jinangu piju yajarniyirni, kanyjinikinyiyirna minerals. Waraja ngurra kartakarrinyiyirni, kulpanyiyirni. Windmill-ja jampangarra milpanyanganaku walypila, wurrarniyirni, ‘nganarna munumpajakun warrarnku nyarralaku. ’ Wurrarnanganaku, ‘karntayi, kangkulumarnanyurrinyi ngurrakarti’ yija kanyanganinyi ngurrakarti. Karangu yirrirniyirnipulinyi kurtararra mayijartiny, kuyipa kukurnjari yinyapulinya Koordarie Station-ja. Rampanu yanapulu yalinyja Minderoo Station-karti. Palanga Mirtalu wurrarnanganaku, ‘yarrana yarrayi kakarra, yakalipulinya kujarra marrngu. ’ Ngalaya yakarniyingalayinya Puntanyapa. Kartakarrinyiyirni marntungujarrinyi Mirta yana kanyjinkanyjirna mineral-ku, ngalaya ngatu wanikinyalayi. Palanga milpanya Minderoo-ja walypila half kanganyikinyi murtukaku. Yakarna kulpanyapulu Walypilapa Marrngu. Mirta kulpanya wurrarnarnala ngajulu, ‘nyungu yakarna half. ’ Wurrarnangalayaku, ‘yarnimalapulu,’ ngalayalu yarnimarnalayi yija. Ngurntirrijirni janpanga wangka wararrjirni. Ngalayalu winyajinikinyalayi ngapa drum-ngu. Karntinyalayi murtukanga, karangu yirrirnalayipulinyi rampanu; marrngulu wiyimanikinyipulinyi. Wurrarnalayili Mirtanga, karntinyipulu murtukanga jampangarra kakarra yanayirni ruutu pala, yajanikinyiyi four-wheel-drive-jartinyjujakun. Paru wirrirniyirnili nyampalu karrpu nyungu ngalpanya kawanikinyi. Yanayirni partijirri wararrjirniyirni. Ngaju yanarnajanaku wurrarnarnajanaku, ‘murtuka waninyi murrurlungu. ’ Palaja yanayirni murtukakarti kartakarrinyiyirni. ninety We got here from desolate tract lf alterations. indd ninety 27/02/12 2:44 PM Chapter five • The cut up and the early Sixties We went to Yirramakartunya at the truck, and have been dropped off on the Reserve. Pirnarra, my older brother and his spouse, have been dwelling there with Narnngurla, who was once a infant child on the time. I stayed out on the 5 Mile for it slow, then stayed on the Reserve.

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