Those arguable epic poems reveal Milton's genius for fusing feel and sound, classicism and innovation, narrative and drama in profound explorations of the ethical difficulties of God's justice-and what it actually capacity to be human.

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Nor used to be his ear much less pealed With noises loud and ruinous (to evaluate good stuff with small) than while Bellona storms With all her battering engines, bent to raze a few capital urban; or below if this body Of Heaven have been falling, and those parts In mutiny had from her axle torn The steadfast Earth. finally his sail-broad trucks He unfold for flight, and, within the surging smoke Uplifted, spurns the floor; thence many a league, As in a cloudy chair, ascending rides Audacious; yet, that seat quickly failing, meets an enormous vacuity. All unawares, Fluttering his pennons useless, plumb-down he drops 10000 fathom deep, and to this hour Down were falling, had now not, by way of sick probability, The powerful rebuff of a few tumultuous cloud, intuition with hearth and nitre, moved quickly him As many miles aloft. That fury stayed— Quenched in a boggy Syrtis, neither sea, Nor stable dry land—nigh foundered, on he fares, Treading the crude consistence, part walking, part flying; behoves him now either oar and sail. As while a gryphon during the desolate tract With winged path, o’er hill or moory dale, Pursues the Arimaspian, who via stealth Had from his conscious custody purloined The guarded gold; so eagerly the Fiend O’er bathroom or steep, via strait, tough, dense, or infrequent, With head, palms, wings, or toes, pursues his method, And swims, or sinks, or wades, or creeps, or flies. At size a common hubbub wild Of attractive sounds, and voices all harassed, Borne throughout the hole darkish, attacks his ear With loudest vehemence. Thither he plies Undaunted, to fulfill there no matter what strength Or Spirit of the nethermost Abyss may in that noise stay, of whom to invite Which approach the closest coast of darkness lies Bordering on mild; whilst directly behold the throne Of Chaos, and his darkish pavilion unfold huge at the wasteful Deep! With him enthroned Sat sable-vested evening, eldest of items, The consort of his reign; and by way of them stood Orcus and Ades, and the scary identify Of Demogorgon; hearsay subsequent, and probability, And Tumult, and Confusion, all embroiled, And Discord with 1000 a number of mouths. T’ whom devil, turning boldly, thus:—“Ye Powers And Spirits of this nethermost Abyss, Chaos and old evening, I come no undercover agent With goal to discover or to disturb The secrets and techniques of your realm; yet, via constraint Wandering this darksome wilderness, as my manner Lies via your spacious empire as much as mild, by myself and with out advisor, part misplaced, I search, What readiest direction leads the place your gloomy bounds Confine with Heaven; or, if elsewhere, out of your dominion gained, th’ airy King Possesses in recent years, thither to reach I shuttle this profound. Direct my path: Directed, no suggest recompense it brings on your behoof, if I that sector misplaced, All usurpation thence expelled, lessen To her unique darkness and your sway (Which is my current journey), and once again Erect the traditional there of old evening. Yours be th’ virtue all, mine the revenge! ” hence devil; and him therefore the Anarch previous, With faltering speech and visage incomposed, replied: “I be aware of thee, stranger, who thou artwork— That effective best Angel, who of past due Made head opposed to Heaven’s King, notwithstanding overthrown.

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