A Roman soldier, Marcellus, wins Christ's gown as a playing prize. He then units forth on a quest to discover the reality concerning the Nazarene's robe-a quest that reaches to the very roots and center of Christianity and is determined opposed to the vividly limned historical past of historic Rome. here's a undying tale of event, religion, and romance, a story of religious longing and supreme redemption.

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It disquieted him to understand that she was once a visitor on that sinister island. a person had opened her scroll. an individual used to be spying on her. It used to be no longer a secure position for Diana. the home of Eupolis used to be it sounds as if in a very good kingdom of pleasure. It used to be no longer on a daily basis flashily uniformed Tribune arrived with a message from the Emperor of Rome; and the total establishment—habitually reserved—was undeniably inspired through the celebration. Dion, grave-faced and perspiring freely, was once pacing up and down the driveway because the battered previous port-wagon entered the gate. ‘You needs to make haste, Marcellus! ’ he pleaded, in a apprehensive voice, as they pulled up beside him. there's a message from the Emperor! The Tribune has been ready in a rage, shouting that when you didn't quickly arrive he could document our condominium to the Tetrarch! ’ ‘Be comfortable, Dion,’ stated Marcellus, lightly. ‘You will not be at fault. ' pushing aside the carriage, he proceeded up the driveway, passing a huddle of scared garden-slaves who stared at him with awe and sympathy. Theodosia and her Aunt Ino hovered approximately her mom who sat stiffly anxious within the swing. The pompous determine of the Tribune strutted imperiously sooner than the doorway to the home. immediately Marcellus well-known Quintus Lucian! So—that used to be why the man was once exhibiting off. Gaius’ pet—Quintus! no doubt the creature had had no belly for his errand. That defined his obnoxious behavior at the send. Gaius used to be most likely in a red-hot fury as the previous guy at Capri had long past over his head with orders for Marcellus’ go back from Minoa; and now the Emperor had despatched this detestable Quintus with a message—and there hadn’t been whatever that Quintus, or Gaius, both, might do approximately it. ‘And how lengthy shall the Emperor’s envoy be stored ready? ’ he twisted up, as Marcellus drew closer with Demetrius following at a couple of paces. ‘I had no longer been urged to be at the alert for a message from His Majesty,’ rejoined Marcellus, attempting to retain his mood. ‘But now that i'm the following, Tribune Quintus, I recommend that you just practice your errand with the courtesy Roman expects from an officer of his personal rank. ’ Quintus grunted crossly and passed over the gaudily gilded imperial scroll. ‘Are you to attend for a answer? ’ inquired Marcellus. ‘Yes—but i counsel you to not retain me ready lengthy! His Majesty’s envoys usually are not familiar with losing their time at Greek resorts. ’ The tone was once so contemptuous that it might have just one which means. Demetrius moved ahead a step and stood at recognition. Marcellus, white with anger, made no retort. ‘I shall learn this in deepest, Quintus,’ he stated, crisply, ‘and organize a answer. you could wait—or you could go back for it—as you wish. ’ As he strode away, he muttered to Demetrius, ‘You stay the following. ’ After Marcellus had disappeared, on his option to his suite, Quintus swaggered towards Demetrius and confronted him with a surly grin. ‘You his slave? ’ He nodded within the common path Marcellus had taken. ‘Yes, sir. ’ ‘Who is the beautiful one—by the swing? ’ demanded Quintus, out of the nook of his mouth.

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